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It is getting to the point where I write more than anything else, but that is OK because I love it. Eventually some of you will need to help contribute to keep all my content bases covered. My newest area of fake watch passion expression is Examiner.com. The fare is arguably lighter, but is for a slightly different audience ?still the talk is on watches. Examiner.com will need no introduction to some, but is basically a large news and opinion site where writers of different focuses and specializations are selected and given dedicated pages. I've been selected as the Men's Luxury Style writer for San Francisco, which essentially means that I will be talking about watches. Though when related luxury style items come up, I am sure I will mention them ("but replica watches are all that I know!?.

I've added an RSS read in the left column of aBlogtoRead.com. You can click there to read my latest articles on Examiner.com. Or you can visit my Men's Luxury Style page here. Checking out the RSS feed right here on aBlogtoRead.com might be best unless you already use a different RSS reader (just as Google Reader). This brings my regular online fake watch writing up to four sites that include aBlogtoRead.com, Luxist.com, AskMen.com, and now Examiner.com.

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As I mentioned, the articles on Examiner.com will be different than what I write elsewhere, but will be geared more toward people who aren't as deeply involved as we all are in replica watches ?though I hope to convert as many people as possible. One of my overall goals is to bring a love for replica watches back to Americans. Stroll down the street in any US city and you'll find legions of people wearing watches. Sure it isn't everyone, but at least half of the other men I see have a watch. This means that people are wearing watches, but unfortunately they aren't always nice watches. This doesn't just have to do with money, as there are tons of reasonably priced cool replica watches out there. I'd love to see more people place increased effort into discovering great replica watches as they are most likely going to wearing them each day. Keep an eye at my Examiner.com page as there will inevitably be things there you'd want to read about that I don't cover here.

Examiner.com Men's Luxury Style page here.

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